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My career as a cardiologist has allowed me to help patients prevent, diagnose, and manage the number one killer in this country. Prior to that I experienced, as a pharmacist, the rewards of dispensing medications which served as a bridge between diagnosis and treatment. I discovered while recovering from a skiing accident that no accurate diagnosis or effective medicine can fill those hours void of a basic need: the satisfaction of starting something at the beginning of the day and finishing it at the end of the day.

It has been my prayer that this therapeutic coloring book can do just that for many people for years to come.

Shyla High, M.D.

About The Color Book

Who said coloring is just for young children?

Coloring is not only a way to use your creativity,
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1. Dear Shyla,

I have watched this project from start to fruition. This is an excellent modality to assist patients in recovery from traumatic and/or neurologic injuries/events. Patients vote the accomplishment of completing a picture better than watching football playoffs with benefits neurologically, psychologically and physically. It fills an important need and we look forward to future editions." 

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